Wonderful Pizza: Raw NodeJs CLI & Web App.

No frameworks, no libraries, no CDNs, no third party codes, no npm or yarn, and no package.json file. Wonderful pizza was built with Raw Nodes (The Javascript Runtime), vanilla Javascript , vanilla HTML, and vanilla CSS.


Build a module-driven application that is fast, beautiful, user-friendly, responsive, and very easy to scale on all dimensions of the scale cube.

  • x-axis: Cloning
  • y-axis: Decomposing by service/functionality Challenge
  • z-axis: Splitting by data partition

Module-driven application design patterns, MVC design patterns, module patterns, NodeJs Design patterns, and the Reactor Pattern.

  1. MVC design patterns
  2. Module Driven Patterns
  3. NodeJs Design Patterns
  4. Reactor Design Patterns
User Experience

To have a sleek appearance, be attractive, and for easy to use for end users

Inspired by module-driven design patterns and Raw NodeJs (NodeJs Standard Library), I built this Web application as a result of teaching a group of engineers how to understand NodeJs properly with the goal of writing complete software with Raw NodeJs (No framework, no libraries, no CDNs, no third party codes, etc).  Most software engineers are not accustomed to writing full-fledged software with raw Nodejs, so it was both a fun adventure and a serious challenge helping engineers to understand NodeJs properly and to be fully aware of the true power of NodeJs.

The requirements for this project were somewhat a little unique. The full-stack software was to be built with nothing more than Raw NodeJs (The Javascript Runtime), vanilla javascript, vanilla HTML, and vanilla CSS.  No frameworks allowed. No libraries allowed. No CDNs allowed. No third-party codes allowed!